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Here at T&L Engineering LTD we have more than 65 years of experience, successfully providing a range of vehicle repair services to customers all over the Elstow area. White metalling is used to protect the crankshaft inside of your vehicle engine from abrasive particles contained in oil. White metal is relatively soft, leading particles to embed below the surface and therefore protect the crankshaft.

Our friendly and professional team have the expertise in a wide range of vehicle services, including white metalling. You can always rely on us for a thorough service which will ensure your car is functioning at its optimum standard and all for a great price.

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With a real passion for working on car engines, we have worked on various types of engines and are always happy to work on new projects. We have a range options to all our customers, no matter what you need we have the experience and expertise to successfully repair your car and make it safe for the road once again.

Our friendly and professional team can provide quality white metalling, whilst always providing a first-class finish to our work. We always put our customers first and ensure that we provide a great service all for a price within your budget. We also try our best to provide a quick service for you, as we know how important it can be to get back on the road with your vehicle.

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Why is White Metalling Important?

White metalling is extremely important when it comes to keeping your vehicle working at its best. It provides lots of safety and protection for the crankshaft, which operates how much power goes to different parts of the vehicle.

Keeping your crankshaft in top condition is essential to having a good vehicle, which is why it must be protected by the white metalling. We deliver a high quality white metalling service and have plenty of experience in the trade and with us, you know you have fully dependable engineers working on your vehicle as we always ensure that your vehicle will be completely safe after our service.

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