Efficient Pressure Testing

Cylinder Head Pressure Testing is often used to find problems with cylinder heads or blocks within your car engine, this method saves a lot of time and allows you to find exactly what faulty components you have and what needs to be done in terms of repairs.

Here at T&L Engineering LTD, we have over 65 years of experiences and have dealt with all problems in car services and cylinder heads. Our fully qualified team can provide pressure testing and quality servicing to repair any problem you have with your vehicle. We always ensure our customers safety when they go back on the road.

What Is Pressure Testing?

Cylinder heads can be cracked in many ways at any time and they can wear out or can crack due to overheating in the engine, or through a cooling system failure. When this happens, or if your vehicle lacks a cylinder head, we provide reliable pressure tests and would highly recommend them as they allow us to find any internal or external faults.

During pressure testing we blank water outlets on the cylinder head and then put pressure on the cylinder head with compressed air, this way we can find if the cylinder head is leaking.

It is always worth getting a pressure test because if the cylinder head is cracked internally, it will not be visible, however by using our methods we can easily check if any cracks within your cylinder head are leaking, before repairing and putting your vehicle back to its best condition.

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Being a family run business, with over 65 years of experience, we can handle all aspects of the job and no matter how bad of a state your vehicle is in, our qualified team of engineers can make high quality engine rebuilds to ensure your car is in great condition once again.

As well as engine rebuilds, we also offer a full range of services for all types of vehicles and pride ourselves on keeping customer service high by being able to deal with any problem that comes through our door. Whether you have a motorcycle, or a classic car, we can always provide quality engine rebuilds and more.

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