Professional Head Skimming

Here at T&L Engineering LTD, we have over 65 years of experience in our family run business and our friendly and professional team have dealt with all vehicle problems during this time and specialise in all vehicle servicing, especially head skimming.

Head skimming is the flattening of the cylinder head within an engine, when you require this service, you want the very best to take care of your vehicle.

Being very experienced in the area, no matter how big your problem is, you can always depend on us to deliver a first-class service in speedy time to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our reliable team are always on hand to provide a range of services for any vehicle and engine.

How Can Cylinder Heads Be Damaged?

Head skimming is only required when your cylinder head in your engine is no longer functioning to its most efficient standards. Over time, as well as through overheating, cylinder heads can become twisted, warped, dished or damaged by corrosion. When this happens, it can be time for head skimming.

Additionally, some heads can be damaged by the cylinder lines moving slightly into the cylinder block within the engine. When this happens you need fast repairs solutions from our team who specialise in the area of head skimming, so we can always provide a quality service including the repair of badly corroded head which may need to be welded before being skimmed.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our craftsmanship

What Does Head Skimming Do?

The head skimming operation is important in keeping your engine fully functioning and maintaining your vehicles best condition. By flattening the cylinder head within the engine, this often gives your vehicle increasing engine power as well as much better fuel efficiency, meaning you can travel in your car for longer periods.

With our excellent experience, we have knowledge in all aspects of cylinder head problems and ensure that our skimming is of the highest quality. Keeping your vehicle in top condition, all for a great price, we always want to exceed customer satisfaction and with our comprehensive wielding and skimming service, we can always provide a smooth finish before getting you back on the road.

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